Jose Manuel Moller is a globally recognized social entrepreneur and business leader from Chile. As the CEO and founder of Algramo, he has transformed the consumer goods supply chain and packaging, establishing the company in 3,500 stores within a few years. Algramo, under Jose's leadership, has introduced reusable packaging to over 350,000 low-income customers, significantly increasing reuse rates in communities. His impact has earned him accolades, including Social Entrepreneur of the Year in Chile.

Apart from Algramo, Jose serves as Vice-Chair of the UN Zero Waste Advisory Council and is a member of the World Economic Forum, recognized as a Young Global Leader. With a background in Business Administration and a Master's in Advanced Design, Jose shares his expertise at international conferences, aiming to implement large-scale reusable packaging systems with global brands. His innovative leadership has made Algramo a profitable business model with social, environmental, and economic benefits.

Jose Manuel Moller exemplifies how an entrepreneur can drive positive change, both locally and globally.