Karla Ruiz Cofiño connects people through technology. The Guatemalan entrepreneur helps individuals and companies navigate, contribute and participate in an increasingly borderless and digital world. An interactive communications and social media strategist, Karla co-founded MILKnCOOKIES, award-winning digital agency.


Karla believes that having a digital presence is about more than just business. “Technology is reshaping the world, I'm convinced that rather than asking: What is technology doing to us?’, the right question is ‘What can we do with it?’”


As the pace of change accelerates, Karla believes that our ability to connect becomes all the more significant. By sharing information, experiences and knoledge, people around the world are building what Karla calls "Collective Intelligence".


She is on a mission to harness this global pool of knowledge to positively impact our world. Karla equips people with the digital skills and knowledge they need to become active contributors to online communities.