Henry Lamba, the founder and CEO of Schrodinger Technologies Limited, is a visionary social entrepreneur driven by a deep passion for addressing the global water crisis. His remarkable innovation, ReinLight, a solar-powered portable water purification device, is a beacon of hope for communities in need. By effectively reducing the health risks associated with waterborne diseases and operating without electricity, Henry's invention is transforming the lives of countless individuals, particularly vulnerable women and children.

Through the power of nano filtration technology, ReinLight purifies 8 liters of contaminated water in just 90 seconds, eradicating an astounding 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. This affordable and sustainable solution is creating an immense positive impact, providing access to safe drinking water and a brighter future for those most in need. Henry's unwavering dedication and groundbreaking innovation are bringing hope and relief to communities burdened by water-related illnesses, empowering them to thrive and conquer adversity.