Maka Tokhishvili (she/her) is a young change-maker leader from Georgia, currently based in Canada. She is passionate about driving democracy, social justice, peacebuilding, and national security, with over 9 years of international experience in public policy and interdisciplinary teamwork.


As a young leader with expertise in political movements, civil society, public policy, open government, and human rights, she holds a master's degree in political science, with a focus on democracy, national security, and peacebuilding. At the age of 14, when a Russian warplane flew over her house, she decided to dedicate her life to promoting peace and democracy for a better world and fighting against injustice. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to protect youth rights and promote peace.


Her experience includes working on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. She co-founded the Association of Georgia’s Sustainable Development and successfully created and managed the Open Government Support Program. She founded a communication group in Abkhazia, Georgia, an occupied region by Russia, and effectively utilized digital platforms to discover new leaders in the region. As a result of her efforts, one of the leaders she discovered gave a speech at the parliament of Georgia.


Her accomplishments include: being selected as the Obama Europe Leader 2023 at the Obama Foundation. Additionally, she was elected as vice-chair of the advisory board member on youth of the premier-minister's Youth Agency. Moreover, she achieved the first-place position among 40 interns at the Parliament of Georgia. She was also awarded presidential scholarships for higher education.


Her passion for serving in the youth field and discovering and promoting new leaders continues in Canada, where she currently works as an Incoming Global Talent Manager for AIESEC York, the world’s largest youth organization.


Her lifelong mission is to be the 'one-for-all entrepreneur of democracy' and contribute to global harmony as an ambassador of peace and equality for a better world. As Maka Tokhishvili puts it, 'my greatest strength is to inspire young people to find their meaning.’