The Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs aims to further improve Austria as a business location, to promote growth and ensure a stable upswing. To develop the business location, considerable endeavours in the area of research and innovation are still necessary, and efforts must be made to spread digitisation in all economic and social areas. Both are top priorities for the new Austrian Federal Government, and they are centrally coordinated by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs. All activities toward digital transformation are combined in the “Digital Austria” scheme ( Currently we are working on new “strategic action plans on digitisation”. The aim is to bolster Austria’s role as a leading digital nation in order to guarantee and increase prosperity, job opportunities and quality of life in the long term. Modern technologies offer enormous opportunities and require entrepreneurs to fully unlock their economic potential. The World Summit Award presents the most innovative young people from more than 180 countries together with their outstanding digital projects, each with the capacity to make a deep impact and improve our society. I would like to thank all participants and winners of this year’s Award for their courage and patience in working on new digital solutions for a better world.