Martijn Kiers Dipl.Ing. graduated in 1993 in the major “Urban Planning” at the University of Applied Science Utrecht. In 1996, he graduated from the University of Amsterdam with the specialization in “Traffic planning." He worked for 10 years at the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, first as project leader for small utilization projects, then as the project manager for the expansion project “highway A1." In addition, he was the project manager of the first Dutch “Hard shoulder running” project on the A27 and A28. When he left the Dutch Ministry in 2006, he was the coordinating project manager of twelve managed motorway projects in region Utrecht.


In 2006, he became lecturer and senior researcher on the University of Applied Science FH-JOANNEUM GmbH in Kapfenberg, Austria, bachelor’s degree programme “Energy, Transport and Environmental Management” and master’s degree programme “Energy and Transport Management." Subjects he is teaching are e.g. mobility systems, traffic surveys, numerical simulation, Smart City & Sustainable Future Concepts, smart urban & regional planning, transport economics and traffic simulations. His research areas are manifold, for example, the accessibility and barrier-free traffic planning, new urban planning concepts, walkability and bikeability, MaaS (Mobility as a Service).