Oussama Messaoud is a seasoned serial entrepreneur and dedicated community advocate, renowned for his exceptional teamwork, strategic acumen, and forward-thinking leadership. With a diverse background spanning both business and volunteer work, he has held influential leadership roles in student associations, sports clubs, and startup associations. Oussama is a fervent proponent of fostering greater openness in the global marketplace. Notably, during his tenure as the national President of AIESEC in Tunisia, he initiated the Salaam Program in collaboration with counterparts in AIESEC US, following the events of 9/11. This groundbreaking initiative bridged cultural divides between the United States and the Arab World, dispelling misconceptions and promoting cross-cultural understanding.

As an entrepreneur in Tunisia, Oussama encountered firsthand the challenges faced by local founders. In response, he committed himself to championing a more innovative and entrepreneurial-focused economy. He took on a pivotal role within the TunisianStartups association, serving as a key liaison with government officials in the endeavor to establish and enhance the legal framework for the Tunisian Startup Act. Oussama's unwavering dedication to building bridges and advocating for a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem has left an indelible mark on both his professional endeavors and the broader community.