Peter Tschernig

  • Position: Director
  • Organisation: CAVEDATOS / ISOC / TecnologiaHechaPalabra
  • Country: Venezuela

Peter Cernik is the Executive Vice-President of the Venezuelan Chamber of Information Technology and Electronics (CAVEDATOS) and Executive President of the Venezuelan Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC Venezuela). In the past he occupied high positions in different multimedia organizations (VP of the Venezuelan Phonograph Producers Association, President of the Venezuelan Chamber of Video Producers, President of the Latin American Federation of Video Producers, VP of the Venezuelan Council on ITC, and other professional associations). He has also occupied teaching positions in computing engineering.

In addition to CAVEDATOS and ISOC, his present responsibilities include: Managing Director - Editor in Chief of Computerworld and coordinating developer and General Director of TecnologiaHechaPalabra, an Ibero-American portal for science and technology news and information. Mr. Cernik is also the Producer of a Science and Technology radio programme (Tecnologia Hecha Palabra) at Circuito Triple F/Jazz 95.5 FM, for which he has received the City of Caracas Award for Scientific Journalism and other recognitions. Besides several dozen advanced technical certifications, Mr. Cernik holds university degrees in Computer Engineering, Public Communication and Journalism.