As a dedicated and passionate Public Health Practitioner, I am committed to health equity, social justice, and youth empowerment. With robust clinical experience and keen research acumen, I design and oversee community health programs aimed at fostering sustainable, equitable healthcare systems in Pakistan.


My advocacy spotlights issues like educational deficits, unemployment, and healthcare inaccessibility. As a Youth Delegate at the United Nations, I aim to activate young people as agents of positive change. My contributions stem from hands-on clinical work, research, and policy engagement. I envision a world where health is a right, not a privilege, and where youth are architects, not just beneficiaries, of their wellbeing. With passion and rigor, I strive to make this vision a reality.


As a WSA Youth Ambassador, I aim to promote innovation by connecting with youth networks to showcase talent and drive progress globally. My technology background equips me to support WSA's mission of engaging young entrepreneurs. With collaboration and youth empowerment at its core, I believe this network would have immense potential for impact.