Sanjay Gupta is an actor, theatre practitioner, filmmaker, and Youth Ambassador for My Future My Voice at Earth Day Network. He has worked to various theatre plays and films as an Assistant Director and actor. Notably, he recently worked on a Netflix series, "TiTik Nol." Sanjay sees storytelling not merely as entertainment but as a powerful tool for evoking emotions, challenging perceptions, and fostering inclusivity. His diverse experiences have shaped him into a versatile artist with a keen ability to craft narratives that resonate on a profound level. Beyond his artistic pursuits, Sanjay actively engages with arts, empowering youth to embrace creativity and imagination using theatrical tools, film and technological devices. With a bachelor's degree and Diploma from Mandala Theatre Drama Nepal, specializing in Acting, Theatre Drama, and Theatre Techniques, Sanjay's work reflects a dedication to Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (I.D.E.A). This commitment is evident in his participation since 2018, including cross-cultural exchange programs in Kolkata, India, with diverse participants and various theatre productions. In his ongoing journey of personal and professional growth, Sanjay seeks new challenges and collaborations. His work is not just about creating stories; it's about crafting experiences that inspire, provoke thought, and bring people together.