I believe in innovation for continuous and sustainable growth. Today, I contribute to this through my role as CEO of LeaP, a company looking to close the gap between startups and scaleups. Also as a mentor, advisor, consultant and director of startups, VCs and governments, thanks to my experience in marketing & communications, growth and ecosystems/accelerators strategies. At the same time, I promote entrepreneurship and innovation as a Professor at the Finis Terrae University. Previously, I was CEO of Start-Up Chile, the largest and most diverse startup accelerator in the globe, where I worked with more than 1,000 tech-based startups and founders from many industries and countries. Thanks to the networks we build, we managed to consolidate the program as one of the best public policies in the region. We worked very close with a large network of international partners. Thanks to their amazing job and connections in local ecosystems around the world, we were able to expand Start-Up Chile's influence everywhere. Previous to that, I was the founder of Afterbang Chile, a ski clothing company and Domadores TV, a broadcasting platform for journalism students.