09 Industry, innovation and infrastructure10 Reduced inequalities
  • Year: 2017
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Inclusion & Empowerment
  • Organisation: Advicenode
  • Country: Egypt
  • URL:

Advicenode is a platform for creating and running a type of virtual assistants known as “web-assistants”. Web-assistants are online virtual assistants that can process user data to suggest an advice or to solve a problem. Web-assistants empower people around the world by providing them an access to different people’s experiences on a 24/7 basis. Furthermore, they can be used in different sectors like education, medical care, manufacturing, and much more. Finally, web-assistants can save their users’ efforts, time, and money. In some cases, it can save people’s lives.


On the other side, anyone having an experience can build a web-assistant. Building web-assistants neither requires technical skills nor needs any long training. People and organizations can build web-assistants to help others in solving their problems or advising them. They can make their web-assistants free-to-use or pay-to-use. Therefore, web-assistants are mutually beneficial to their authors and their users.