10 Reduced inequalities11 Sustainable cities and communities
  • Year: 2020
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Inclusion & Empowerment
  • Producer: Ramy Abdulzaher
  • Country: Qatar
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Bonocle is the first-ever braille entertainment platform. Its hardware is portable and affordable, while the software works on all smart devices to add a growing library of applications in gaming, education, and productivity. Bonocle senses your motion and allows you to navigate a multi-dimensional space compared to current 1-dimensional products, significantly expanding the potential of electronic braille. Our apps will also provide visual and tactile feedback to limit the social divide between the sighted and the blind community.


Through Bonocle, we envision an unsegregated world where the blind and sighted share classrooms and workplaces. A world where braille is revived by being attainable, social, fun, and easy to learn.