Developing Pictures

10 Reduced inequalities17 Partnerships for the goals
  • Year: 2011
  • Award: WSA Young Innovators
  • Category: Young Innovators
  • Producer: John Pritz
  • Country: United States of America
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Developing Pictures is a not-for-profit student media collaborative operating out of McGill University, Cornell University, and the University of Oxford. Our mission is to provide media exposure to underrepresented NGO’s and community based organizations around the world, while implementing and carrying out our own student-led development projects on the ground. We have centered much of our work on post-earthquake Haiti, but have been involved in efforts in Kenya, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nicaragua, and Mexico as well. During the 2011-2012 academic year, Developing Pictures raised over $25,000 for relief and development efforts in a wide variety of countries and the group is in the process of applying for official 501 (c) 3 status in New York State.