Discover Primary Science and Maths

SDG 4: Quality Education

Discover Primary Science & Maths, together with its website, offers excellent and valuable resources for teachers and students in Irish primary schools. The programme helps large numbers of children to understand that science and maths are also about fun, discovery and adventure, and are fundamentally relevant to their everyday lives. Whole-school, hands-on training sessions via worksheets, games and experiments are provided for all teachers who wish to participate in the initiative. A range of resources are then supplied to participating classes. These include: - a pack of over 30 easy-to-follow science activities; - helpful hints for teachers; - explanations of the science behind each activity, and how the module relates to the SESE (social, environmental and scientific education) curriculum. Schools that take part and meet certain criteria are recognised with an Award of Science and Maths Excellence. Since the outset, the web has played a fundamental role in delivering the Discover Primary Science & Maths programme in both the Irish and English languages.