e-Annual Report

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e-Annual Report enables entrepreneurs in Estonia to submit annual reports via the e-reporting environment of the Central Commercial Registry. About 99% of more than 120,000 companies registered in Estonia use this new method of reporting. Its uniformity makes the entry and submission of data significantly more convenient for companies, as there is only one place and specific channel to submit all required data. Companies do not have to submit data to public authorities more than once, as the data reported is retrievable from the central system by all other relevant databases (statistics, tax office, banks, etc.) leading to less red tape for all. The processing of business data has become significantly quicker and easier, as the data can be processed immediately and is accessible to interested parties both in the private and public sectors. The e-government system used in Estonia has created more transparent, efficient, convenient and trustworthy relations between citizens and government agencies. e-Annual Report uses the internationally recognized XBRL standard, meets all WCAG requirements and responds to AAA level, thus anticipating the European Digital Agenda 2020.