Exploradio Audioguide Namibia

04 Quality Education08 Decent work and economic growth10 Reduced inequalities16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
  • Original Title: Exploradio Audioguide Namibia
  • Year: 2022
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Culture & Heritage
  • Producer: Sylvie Sij Hashimwe, Jana Marie Backhaus-Tors, Andreas Leonard
  • Country: Namibia
  • URL:

Did you know that you are 20 times more likely to remember facts through storytelling?


Exploradio is your smart, invisible Namibian friend who is available 24/7 to tell you everything about Namibias cultures, languages, history, nature & animals! The audioguide app is the first and only of its kind for the Namibian market and will enhance your journey through Namibia with a variety of audio clips that make the country and its people come to life. Listen to Namibias history and stories - after all the art of storytelling is inseperably intertwined with the African continent. For the long car rides on your journey through this vast country Exploradio provides African folktales and local legends. Exploradio truly connect you to every aspect of this country.