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  • Original Title: FEFIFO
  • Year: 2023
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Business & Commerce
  • Producer: Kelveen Soh, Chris Fong, Alex Lee, Vincent Teh, Riri Yanti Razali, Shadheeskumar Thinakaran, Erma Maizura Rasidi, Amir Hamzah Zulkurnain, Kamarulridhzuan Razali
  • Country: Malaysia
  • URL:

Fefifo started a revolution in Malaysia by making farming attractive to
youth. While small farmers grow 80% of food, traditional farming does
not attract the next generation. Fefifo launched small co-farming spaces
with precision crop systems, making it possible for youth, students and
women to lease land and start commercial farming. Features include
kickstart financing, expert support and ready offtake, digital growing
tools and rain-shelter designs. A Magic Bean app assures growth and
enables contract farming with high-yielding quality crops. Fefifo removes
entry barriers through a Farmspaces-as-a-Service fee and crop
profit-sharing business model.