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  • Original Title: GreenPlat
  • Year: 2020
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Environment & Green Energy
  • Producer: Francisco Sousa
  • Country: Brazil
  • URL:

The GreenPlat traceability software monitors the extraction of raw materials, production processes and waste disposal, monitoring the entire supply chain, to encourage cleaner production.


In Brazil, only 53% of waste is properly disposed of: there is no transparency in this relationship. The same lack of control occurs over the extraction of raw materials, which puts the future production of various goods at risk, as well as the ability to replace them or improve production chains. GreenPlat traceability software tracks raw material extraction, production processes, and waste disposal, monitoring the entire supply chain until the appropriate destination. Besides controlling production losses, waste generation and its appropriate disposal, companies can also benefit from the legal knowledge GreenPlat provides inside the software: municipal, state and federal environmental legislation are available, certified technical standards and the financial flow regarding waste.