SDG 2: Zero HungerSDG 8: Decent work and economic growth
  • Original Title: iGrow
  • Year: 2016
  • Award: WSA Young Innovators
  • Category: Young Innovators
  • Producer: Mr. Andreas Senjaya
  • Organisation: iGrow Resources Indonesia
  • Country: Indonesia
  • URL:

In Indonesia, there are millions underemployed farmers, while on another side there are millions of hectares of underutilized land and millions of people ready to participate in farming. Thats why we create iGrow, we connect between the capital, skill, and market together to create farming, and we sell the produce directly to the buyers.

We are raising capital through our website and give the investors Farmville-like experience so that they can know how their plantation grow. And after the harvest time, we share the profit among investors and farmers.

We already harvested 1600 tons of produce that bring 24% annualized return to the investors, and 99% of them reinvested in us. We are in the business for 16 months, already collected USD 1.5 million, and we take 20% of that for our profit.

Currently, we are working with 2200 farmers in 1200 hectares farm, we already make our farmers life better, and we change the way how we utilize our idle land.

We are in Indonesia with 16 million underutilized lands, and we already had 10,000 in our pipeline. We also ready scaling to another country. Turkey, France, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico and Nigeria are the countries that already contacted us.

Our team consists of tech serial entrepreneur, 10 years experience in agriculture, and the expert in land partnership.
Together with farmers, landowners, and farming investors we want to build the largest organic farm by making our world a better place.