Mission Amygdala

04 Quality Education03 Good health and well-being
  • Original Title: Misja Amygdala
  • Year: 2023
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Learning & Education
  • Producer: Marcin Waryszak, Brian Wallace, Timothy Landy, Collins Mbulakyalo
  • Country: Poland
  • URL:

Mission Amygdala fills the gap in digital solutions for children aged 8-12
with mental health problems and compensates for a shortage of child
psychiatrists. The interactive game platform helps kids learn about emotions
by incorporating narrative elements, character development, and
decision-making scenarios. A rich narrative depicts struggles related to
kids’ daily lives. Mission Amygdala builds conflict into the game, exploring
ways of resolution to teach empathy, compromise, and diverse perspectives.
Kids develop coping strategies in daily “space” missions and
engage with a therapeutic video bot to apply learnings to their own lives.