08 Decent work and economic growth
  • Year: 2011
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Business & Commerce
  • Producer: Karim Helal
  • Organisation: NuServ Online Tender Services LLC
  • Country: Lebanon

Launched in 2009, Monaqasat is an online state-of-the-art eTendering solution/platform that enables users to work with their tenders in an easy, secure, cost and time efficient way. The platform contributes greatly to reducing administrative overhead for clients and increasing productivity. With over 600 active customers, Monaqasat has quickly grown to become the largest private provider of eTendering solutions in the United Arab Emirates. The majority of large UAE construction companies now registered. What makes Monaqasat stand out from the crowd is the implementation of the complete tendering process from beginning to end: users create tenders, invite participants, upload, stamp and verify documents, submit and compare bids and award tenders, all from one place.