Our Space

SDG 4: Quality Education

Our Space aims to forge communities and explore identities through a user-generated, interactive digital media experience. This venture, of the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, guides visitors through virtual and physical exhibition spaces, where they are not only able to view images submitted by the public, but can manipulate this media to create individual representations of national identity. In order to become a part of the exhibition, users join a web community and upload images or videos which are subsequently incorporated in a database. The media is then tagged to allow it to be easily accessed. Although these are well-established social media functions based on the Flickr model, Our Space is unique because of its connection to a physical on-site experience. Visitors to the actual museum are invited to manipulate the material, completing the experience through aural, tactile, and visual stimulation and interaction. By recognising and inviting media from the great plurality of perspectives on life in contemporary New Zealand society, Te Papa is creating a vital resource for exploration and learning.