Phelcom Eyer: Vision for the Future

03 Good health and well-being
  • Original Title: PHELCOM
  • Year: 2020
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Health & Well Being
  • Producer: Cid Torquato
  • Country: Brazil
  • URL:

The access to ocular care is not always simple, equipped clinics are commonly available in big centers and the costs for consultations and exams are often expensive, it creates a gap which our solution can address.

The Eyer is a high-resolution, non-mydriatic, portable and cloud-connected retinal camera which enables it for different uses, as in primary care performing exams anywhere, in drug stores, basic health units or in a small general clinic. The ophthalmologist via telehealth can access the EyerCloud and screen patients from distance with a great cost-benefit for the Health sector.

Phelcom Eyer is a portable non-mydriatic fundus camera with table top device image quality, enabling it to capture images in different ways. There is no need to touch the patient, it can be used in field campaigns in remote regions, for bedside exams, telehealth or in clinics and hospitals. The exams can be stored or connected to other systems via EyerCloud and we are developing our own artificial intelligence algorithm, helping health professionals to identify challenging eye disorders.