Sekai Camera

09 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Sekai Camera (World Camera) helps to experience a newly found connection between real and virtual worlds: it is a social augmented reality mobile location-based service. The client-side software and web service enable camera-equipped mobile devices to access information and entertainment services by creating a "clickable world" via the use of augmented reality (AR) hyper-tags. These user-clickable tags, which are called "air tags", are location-based and mapped in the real world.

Air tags can be seen and accessed through the camera viewfinder of mobile devices with Sekai Camera software. Users can freely create air tags at any geo-location with text, picture and voice, while enterprises can create their own unique graphics to stand out from the crowd. Sekai Camera is one of the first mobile augmented reality apps that support user-generated content. Sekai Camera has also released its gaming platform, "SoLAR: Social, Location, AR" which brings a whole new dimension to gaming. It has two decks of games, one working on a mobile augmented reality app. Sekai Camera is available for iPhones, android "Google phones" and other Smartphones, and is available in eight languages.