The Math Mage

SDG 4: Quality Education

The Math Mage makes mental arithmetic the key to defeat monsters invading the hero’s city. The game is a wildly entertaining adventure, utilizing dynamic battling controls that turn arithmetic into sheer action. Players simply tap approaching monsters to fight them. The action freezes, as a math equation pops onto the screen and a fiery ring with up to five possible answers appears around the attacker. Players choose the right answer before the ring casts its spell, vanquishing the invader.

Meanwhile, The Math Mage’s top levels ramp up the challenge. Players first choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, then work backwards from the numeric answer to create an equation from two sets of number rings. The Math Mage includes four modes of difficulty to ensure that all users enjoy the game, regardless of skill or age. Children build on skills via a reward system challenging them to try harder. The game takes the player on a magical journey through beautiful 3D worlds in which delightfully animated scenes relay the story. The game does not use text, other than in the main menu, thus transcending languages. The Math Mage is cited by industry experts as an excellent addition to a child’s toolbox for life.