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  • Original Title: Totoy
  • Year: 2023
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Government & Citizen Engagement
  • Producer: Francis Rafal, Simon Hoffmann, Marcel Koller, Michael Perger, Benedikt Hielscher
  • Country: Austria
  • URL:

Totoy uses AI technology to translate Austrian governmental documents
into 95 languages. It targets people with a low level of literacy, first-generation
immigrants functionally illiterate or elderly who may find government
jargon confusing. Totoy simplifies content for easy understanding
in 18 languages, empowering those who struggle to grasp the legal,
medical, or administrative bafflegab often contained in official documents.
Totoy’s ability to answer questions and assist with tasks related
to a document’s contents is an impactful application. Totoy demonstrates
the benefits of AI in the field of public information accessibility.