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  • Original Title: Vacayit
  • Year: 2023
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Culture & Heritage
  • Producer: Hailey Brown, Ivan Wang, Lisa McEwan, Rachel Huang, Chrissy Brincat
  • Country: Australia
  • URL:

Vacayit tackles visual-centric tourism marketing and the scarcity of information
on accessibility which hinder tourists with handicaps to make
informed travel decisions. Vacayit offers voice searches for the blind,
transcripts for the deaf, and an inclusive design for those with colour
blindness. Vacayit is compatible with assistive technologies, working
with tourism operators to develop vivid descriptions of the experiences
offered. Content by vision-impaired persons prioritises all five senses
making audio-guides more enriching. In fact, Vacayit appeals not only to
its primary audience, but to all travellers who care.