• Original Title: Resilient Cities - WEO
  • Year: 2023
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Smart Settlements & Urbanization
  • Producer: Imeshi Weerasinghe, Nicla Notarangelo, Thierry Nicola, Charlotte Wirion, Rowan Steele, Frankwin van Winsen, Adelene Lai
  • Country: Luxembourg
  • URL:

Resilient Cities creates environmental analytics using satellite data and
AI to make cities resilient and sustainable. Resilient Cities transforms imagery
from space from a lower-resolution state to high-resolution, enabling
clients to receive vital, scalable information regularly and affordably. Resilient
Cities monitors green roofs, land surface temperature, surface sealing
and vegetation to counter urban heat and flooding, while promoting biodiversity.
Using analytics, cities can measure the effectiveness of existing
programs, to better allocate future resources and achieve sustainability
goals. Affordable access to critical data provided by Resilient Cities is a
cornerstone of urban liveability.