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At the end of 2014 Latvian parliamentary election took place and we teamed up with local magazine “Ir” to solve two problems: 1) Ir magazine will never have as huge advertising space as political parties do during the election. But we wanted as many voters as possible to know the information politicians are never going to put on their posters – their true deeds, unfulfilled promises, unadvertised connections. 2) Lately in European countries and in Latvia elections have experienced record low activity from citizens, especially uninterested in politics are young people. By delivering information in very fun, interactive and interesting way, we wanted to rise interest in young people and other citizens on politics, parties and other topics. How we did it ? We created an augmented reality app, that could recognize any election advertisement of any political party in Latvia and promoted that everyone can scan them to see the Whole Picture. When it was scanned using Overly app, it came alive. At first through augmented reality people saw fun animated cartoon on politicians, then it was followed by facts every voter needs to know about that party. And that’s not it! Further it led to longer article on politics or the particular party written by “Ir” magazine journalist and even statistical data based on different election related surveys – perfect reading material on the way to work once you had scanned advert in the tram stop! we increased the citizen engagement in politics in a completely new, innovative and unique way. During the campaign no posters were simple adverts – they were all source of information that increased the transparency of elections and helped citizens make the right decision in the voting stand that is based on facts, not still images and advertising!