m-Business or m-Health – accessible everywhere


Abu Dhabi December 6th - 8th 2010


Abu Dhabi’s hosting of the Gala Celebrations was part of ADSIC’s strategy to support initiatives that promote sustainable and creative use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at domestic and international level and encourage innovation and technological development in e-content area.


“Some mobile applications help people in remote areas to trade or get medical assistance, others help people around the globe to be entertained or educated. The most important advantage is that it can basically be done everywhere, since cellular networks have spread to every corner of the world. Furthermore strategic scores will be given, judging the innovation and creativity in terms being a showcase for the development of the global mobile knowledge society as well as the accessibility and the contribution to bridge the digital divide,” said Prof. Peter A. Bruck, Chair of the WSA Board.




The objective of the WSA is to make the benefits of the new Information Society accessible and meaningful for the entire humanity, raise public awareness and give deserved public recognition to the highest quality e-Content produced all over the world. Designers, producers, developers and creatives receive international centre stage in Abu Dhabi. The award’s categories - stretching from m-Business and m-Entertainment to m-Learning and m-Health - showed the diverse opportunities to use mobiles.






During the WSA Mobile Global Congress Abu Dhabi 2010 event, the winners not only were able to present their project on a world stage, but also networked and built professional relationships with their outstanding colleagues from around the world. The event hosted a dynamic innovative exhibition, offering exhibitors a perfect platform to present their services and projects to potential partners and investors. Abu Dhabi, as the city of the award’s key partner ADSIC (Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Centre), was the host for all WSA-mobile Awards until year 2015.





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