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Beaba (bay-ah-bah) is an institute whose mission is to demystify cancer, providing information about the disease and treatment in a clear, objective and optimistic way, for children, adolescents and their caregivers. It was founded by health professionals and small patients who believe in the power of information as the best way to face cancer. 




  • This challenge is written for students who are specialists in business research, brand positioning, market strategy and preferable with 3rd sector business knowledge.
  • The task is to research successful benchmarking companies with the same or close profile which Beaba is targeting to become too (focus in US and Europe). As well as suggest market opportunities for health design tools or any other interesting health information services Beaba could offer.
  • The outcome would be used to help Beaba define and structure new business strategies.
  • A successful team working on this task would be able to compile a benchmarking research and business solution/ideas to support the strategy definitions and next steps for Beaba.

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Health & Well Being



Cellbricks developed a new Bioprinting technology which allows creating complex three-dimensional structures made of biopolymers. The company is specialized in Bioprinting services and products, creating customized as well as off the shelf products. Cellbricks produces organ-models, living 3D cell cultures and scaffolds. It empowers researchers to investigate functional human tissues for fundamental biological research or advanced regenerative therapies.




  • This challenge is for students who are interested in exploring the most cutting-edge possibilities in biotechnology that have the capacity to both to positively impact millions of lives and support a sustainable business model.
  • The task is to explore what problems Cellbricks should be solving, and what technologies the team should be developing 5-10 years from now.
  • A successful team working on this project will have a compelling thesis about which technologies currently in development will be at the forefront of biotechnology in 5-10 years and would also be a good fit for Cellbricks.

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Health & Well Being

United Kingdom


MedShr is the world’s leading discussion platform for doctors and other healthcare professionals, with over one million members in 190 countries across all clinical specialties. MedShr provides a unique digital channel for medical professionals to share their knowledge and skills, discuss complex and challenging cases, and learn from one another.




  • This challenge is to make it easy for doctors and other healthcare professionals to sign up and become active members of MedShr, the world’s leading case discussion and medical knowledge-sharing platform.
  • A successful team will propose a sign-up flow and user experience which allows the MedShr team to capture enough information to verify each doctor’s eligibility for the platform and ensure they have access to the appropriate content. Throughout the sign-up process, doctors should also feel reassured that MedShr is the most appropriate platform for case discussion and by investing time to provide their details, they are helping to ensure the integrity of the platform.
  • This is a challenge requiring students to combine creativity, logic and empathy with market research.

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OneLamp is a young, dynamic cleantech social enterprise specializing in the distribution and delivery of prepaid solar energy solutions to offgrid SMEs and households in East Africa. We leverage SMS & USSD technology to create a digital market place for solar energy systems while reducing supply chain inefficiencies from manufacturers to off-grid consumers, eliminate upfront product costs through digital energy financing, and the time/money off-grid households currently spend purchasing dangerous kerosene fuel through door to door delivery supported by an existing transportation network.




  • This challenge is written for students who are interested in sustainable development, technology & innovation, environment & climate change, building partnerships for a better world.
  • The task is to create a customer credit risk model and strategy to bolster access to solar appliances by offgrid women enterprises in Uganda.
  • A successful team will propose a data collection tool for prospective customers, prequalification and approval, customer scorecard.

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Business & Commerce



Retresco supports companies in automating text-based business processes through artificial intelligence and significantly increases their operational efficiency. For more than ten years, Retresco's technologies have been setting standards in the automated creation of high-quality texts and in the analysis of speech.




  • This challenge is written for student who are aspiring market research analysts. The task is to conduct a competitor analysis by evaluating Retresco’s competitors’ companies, products and services, pricing, and marketing strategies.
  • The outcome would be used to help Retresco articulate our value proposition, so that we can better support prospects during their decision-making process when appointing a Natural Language Generation (NLG) vendor.
  • A successful team working on this task would be able to autonomously find and analyse qualitative data, trends, strategies, aiming at increasing Retresco’s competitive advantage.

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Health & Well Being



SCARLETRED Holding GmbH is a digital health company revolutionizing dermatology by introducing standardization and objectivity in the process of skin imaging and assessment by the medical device system Scarletred®Vision. Scarletred®Vision is a skin imaging technology integrating a clinically validated mobile software core enabling high quality documentation and analysis of an extensive variety of skin conditions.




  • This challenge is written for creative students interested in implementation of novel biomedical solutions as well as for all the students who have innovative ideas for business development.
  • The challenge is a combination of product innovation and market breaching strategy.

The task is to:

  • implement Scarletred®Vision technology in monitoring injection site reactions (IRS).
  • find a market and/or specific industry in which our state-of-the art technology could be used for monitoring IRS.
  • analyse market and/or specific industry potential for Scarletred®Vision technology with regard to monitoring IRS.
  • create breaching strategy for the new market/industry.

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Culture & Tourism



The Museum of Yesterday is a bilingual (English and Portuguese) app for iOS and Android, which facilitates the discovery of the hidden, darker history of the old port of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. Inspired by the ideas of the Situationists, the user must physically explore the city, using only limited information, in order to discover its hidden secrets. Founded in 2011 by women reporters, Agência Pública is the first non-profit investigative news agency in Brazil. All of their reporting is grounded in rigorous fact-finding investigations and their uncompromising defence of human rights is at the core of everything they do.




  • This challenge is to build renewed interest in, and usage of, The Museum of Yesterday. Ultimately, the objective is to have more individuals read the app’s material and more individuals explore the city of Rio de Janeiro, using the app.

The above could be achieved in several ways, not limited to:

  • Different user interface
  • Augmented content
  • Adjusted functionality
  • Changed scope
  • Guerilla marketing

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Business & Entrepreneurship



TIP is a hybrid platform, that combines knowledge sharing, networking and use of workspaces. The project believes that shared journeys can increase life quality in work and avoid the professional loneliness that entrepreneurs, executives and/or creatives suffer.




  • The challenge is to develop and launch a digital platform for TIP as well as to increase the awareness of the already existing physical workspace.

The task is to:

  • Present a proposal for TIPs digital platform, that provides unique digital experience for members.
  • Build a content marketing strategy that promotes TIP and focuses on mental health.
  • Create a campaign strategy for the launch of the TIP digital platform.

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