WSA to participate in UN WSIS Forum 2022, March 17th, 13.00 CET with a workshop ''Hack the Accessibility Gap''.


Since it's initiation in 2003, in the framework of the WSIS Process organized by International Telecommunication Union - ITUUNESCO and United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, WSA selects global best practice solutions in digital interactive and content rich applications along the WSIS action lines C7. 🌍

As in the past years, WSA invited several members of the WSA network to contribute to the UN WSIS Forum 2022, with a workshop on how to ''Hack the Accessibility Gap''.


Across the globe one billion people experience a disability, and accessibility issues go far beyond the physical environment. Although we are living in the age of innovation –  the way we interact with technology is evolving, especially in an adaptive technology, there are still huge gaps, in terms of content, accessibility and access.


WSA's mission is to empower those who already take action. In an interactive multi-stakeholder workshop on “Hack the Accessibility Gap”, digital innovators from all over the world will demonstrate how digital content and innovation can raise awareness, provide access, narrow accessibility gaps and feature taboo topics.



Workshop panellists:

  • Peter A. Bruck, Chairman of the Board of Directors / panel moderation
  • Tanzila Khan, Founder Girlythings, Pakistan
  • Ramy Soliman, Co-Founder & COO, Bonocle, Qatar
  • Cid Torquato, Institutional Relations Coordinator, Sao Paulo State Secretariat for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, , Brazil
  • Nadine Dlouhy, Trainer, equalizent, Austria
  • Wilfried Kainz, Researcher, Zero Project, Austria


The workshop is free to join.