Nawaf Abdulrahman

  • Position: Head of Information Technology
  • Organisation: Mohammed bin Khalifa Cardiac Center
  • Country: Bahrain

Nawaf M. Abdulrahman is Chief, Information Technology, Ministry of Housing, Bahrain, Vice President of Bahrain Internet Society and Head of the Jury & Technical Committee in Bahrain eContent Award Nawaf oasts 12 years of experience in the IT field with proven ability to manage large scale projects through the entire lifecycle.
Nawaf has an MBA with concentration in Finance & Bachelor in Information Technology; he is also CISA, ITIL & MCSE.  He worked in many project through Bahrain Internet Society such as IT Future Leaders pr the eCitizens which aims to train the citizen in basic computing. Furthermore, he worked in many projects through his professional career such as a unique unified communications solution which considered the first of its kind in the Middle East.
Nawaf conducted several courses, workshops and lectures in IT related topics such as "Users Awareness in Information Technology", "How Information Technology Empowering People" and "The Information Technology and The Youth Opportunities".