Julia Dujmovits

  • Position: Olympic Champion of Snowboard
  • Organisation:
  • Country: Austria

The life path of Julia Dujmovits is a prime example of how visions and dreams can become reality if you believe in your inner strengths. Olympic gold: Globally there is no higher decoration for athletic excellence, perseverance, further validating her reputation as a top athlete.

Julia ended her career in 2018. The decision was a moment of clarity, intuitive and spontaneous. After healing from injuries she announced her comeback. Olympia 2022. The path to her goal is unusual, surprising and unique.

High performance through letting go. A spiritual journey, extreme snowboarding in Alaska. Guided by intuition, trust and courage. Julia breaks with all the conventions of classic high-performance training.

Julia Dujmovits is a coach, trainer and keynote speaker. In 2014 she won the first snowboard gold for Austria. She is an international yoga trainer, holistic health mentor and Laureus Sport for Good ambassador.

The vision of a world breathing in sync inspired Julia to develop the App RE/MIND. Julia co-founded RE/MIND Company to find her mindfulness and flow both as an athlete and entrepreneur.