Mohammadhossein Ghodsirad

  • Position: CFO
  • Organisation: Builtrix
  • Country: Portugal

Mohammad has co-founded Optishower and Builtirx in 2016 and 2018. He was the previous CEO of Optishower and current CFO of Builtrix.
He started his career as an entrepreneur when he was 22, founded an energy efficiency consulting company (Behineh Sazan) helping industries to optimize their house-cooling-heating products. In his company, he has granted 19 patents. He has his first business exit in 2010 and moved to Portugal to empower his knowledge and expertise in energy efficiency and sustainability. He started his new career as an investigator and PhD student in MIT-Portugal Sustainable energy systems in 2011. In 2016 he has co-founded a new Startup named Optishower, As the CEO, he managed to raise considerable tractions and success for Optishower and received various Portuguese and European awards. The team evolved and created a new brand, called Builtrix and he pursued his career as the co-founder and CFO of Builtrix.