WellDoc® DiabetesManager® System

03 Good health and well-being

The WellDoc® DiabetesManager® System utilizes mobile phones and the Internet to enable healthcare professionals to extend their care for Type 2 diabetes patients beyond traditional office visits. Patients using the system can effectively track daily routines, including medications, exercise and nutrition. Based on blood glucose data, the WellDoc® DiabetesManager® System recommends real-time, evidence-based, automated education and behavioural coaching for patients on their cell phones.

One part of the WellDoc® DiabetesManager® service includes an application that is uploaded to patients’ cell phones, enabling real-time coaching in response to real-time patient information. The other part is a cloud with an Expert Analytics System, conducting longitudinal analysis for the patient, as well as providing decision support for physicians.

Physicians can access patient data using WellDoc, analyze it, tap into the expert system for care guidelines, and make adjustments in patient care. Together, doctors and patients can better engage to make appropriate lifestyle and medication adjustments that support effective diabetes management and improved health.