Reflecting on COP28: A Global Commitment to Climate Action

In December 2023, the 28th annual United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP28) climate change summit convened in Dubai, addressing the urgent need for collaborative efforts to combat climate change. The two-day event emphasized the pivotal roles of private capital, policymakers, and key financial actors in achieving the ambitious goals set forth by the Paris Agreement. Representing the world's most comprehensive multilateral decision-making forum on climate change, COP28 aimed to formulate strategies to limit global temperature rise, support vulnerable communities in adapting to climate change impacts, and strive for net-zero emissions by 2050.

The WSA and its community are committed to contribute to global agendas of the UN and therefore we are sharing the insights from our WSA Youth Ambassadors who were active participants in COP28. Their presence at this influential gathering underscores the importance of including diverse voices, particularly those of the younger generation, in shaping the discourse around climate action.



Here is the account of WSA Youth Ambassador Malkia John

Being a Youth Ambassador allowed me to dive deep into the heart of climate action. From engaging discussions with global leaders to participating in impactful sessions on gender and climate nexus, the journey was nothing short of inspiring. As a Social Media Ambassador for IRENA, I had the privilege of amplifying the voices of youth in the energy sector, contributing to meaningful dialogues on sustainable practices.

Exploring corporate climate strategies with Standard Chartered and Business Fights Poverty added a unique perspective to my COP28 adventure. The insights gained will undoubtedly shape my ongoing work with FemPower Connect, where I'm dedicated to empowering female students in the energy and climate space.

Participating in Kenya's pavilion conversations shed light on the remarkable sustainability efforts in my home country. It was an honor to showcase our initiatives, including Glow and Grow, addressing menstrual health and environmental sustainability.

The Gender and Climate Nexus conversations with WGC and MENA feminists were particularly enlightening, reinforcing the intersectionality of gender and climate issues. As a representative of She Leads, I actively contributed to discussions on advancing youth-led climate policies, aligning with the AU Agenda 2063.

Beyond official engagements, the vibrant energy of COP28 extended to networking events, where I connected with like-minded individuals passionate about creating a sustainable future. Touring Dubai added an extra layer of cultural richness to the experience, making COP28 a holistic and unforgettable journey.



Here is the account of WSA Youth Ambassador Joud Khattab

I had the privilege of participating in this year's COY18 and COP28 as part of the Arab Youth Technical Fellowship (AYTF), a program initiated by the Arab Youth Center in the UAE. The fellowship focused on equipping Arab youth with the tools and skills to scale innovative tech solutions addressing global challenges, with a specific emphasis on climate tech solutions in light of the UAE hosting COP28.

Key Takeaways: A Source of Hope and Inspiration

Reflecting on my participation, I am filled with hope and inspiration, not only due to the high-level decisions made but, more importantly, because of the emerging generation of young leaders committed to addressing the climate crisis. I am particularly inspired by the diversity of voices, especially from young women, representatives from the Global South, and indigenous communities, who are leading the charge across various fields. As stewards of our own futures, our collective energy, know-how, and willpower are poised to generate meaningful change globally without leaving vulnerable communities behind.

My takeaway from COP28 emphasizes the recognition that our voices and actions hold significant impact. This realization underscores the importance of both advocacy and tangible steps to drive change, especially in the context of elevating youth awareness about the pivotal role of technology in achieving the sustainable goals of COP28.

The Intersection of Innovation and Environmental Activism at COY: A Data and Tech Perspective

As a data and tech expert immersing myself in the dynamic environment of COY, the intersection of innovation and environmental activism became a captivating focal point. The workshops and discussions not only enriched my understanding of environmental insights but also highlighted the pivotal role of data and technology in shaping the future of sustainability.

COY served as a catalyst for recognizing the transformative power of technology within the broader context of global sustainability efforts. The potential for data-driven decision-making and the integration of smart technologies emerged as key takeaways, revealing a landscape where my expertise could significantly contribute to solving complex environmental challenges.

SoilMend: Transformative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture

A transformative highlight of COP28 was the presentation of our project, "SoilMend," at the youth hub pavilion. SoilMend, an AI-based solution, is designed to rehabilitate and revive soils affected by misuse practices or disasters. Harnessing advanced analytics and machine learning, SoilMend offers solutions to assess, restore, and enhance soil quality for sustainable agriculture. By leveraging predictive modeling, the project identifies regions susceptible to future adversities, paving the way for proactive protective measures. SoilMend stands as a testament to the transformative potential of technology in addressing pressing environmental challenges.