Join WSA in Vienna – 4GameChangers 2024

Youth engagement in the European Elections is crucial for shaping the future of Europe. As the next generation of leaders and decision-makers, young people bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and a strong sense of social responsibility to the political landscape.

In supporting youth and democracy across Europe, WSA will be contributing to 4GameChangers Festival in Vienna.


Leading African Innovation | May 14, 13:15 | Main Stage

African entrepreneurs possess immense untapped potential, offering innovative solutions for global challenges. Recognizing and supporting these talents not only benefits Africa but also fosters global learning and collaboration. Let's embrace Africa's innovation hub to drive transformative change for a sustainable future.

Two notable members of the WSA community will be speaking:

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Engaging Youth for Europe's Future | May 16, 18:20 | Silent Stage

This fishbowl session invites you to engage and contribute to a compelling forum for those interested in Europe's future. Together with some pre-selected panellists, we will explore three key themes: European solidarity and values, engaging young people in European elections, and countering populist and anti-European movements.

Participants from diverse backgrounds will engage in dynamic discussions on upholding European values amidst geopolitical challenges. They will brainstorm innovative strategies to inspire youth participation in European politics and confront populist ideologies threatening European unity.

The fishbowl session will be moderated by

Peter A. Bruck will be joined by:

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