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What is our starting point?



Apps which can recognise picture content with the help of the smartphone camera already exist. The challenge, however, lies in intelligent object recognition – which colour; which size; which brand, etc. is the product in question? And in addition: once an object has actually been recognised in everyday life, links can be provided to stationary purchase options in a defined kilometre radius (localisable by means of GPS) for the article concerned.

A sophisticated solution like this is not yet available on the market and offers enormous potential. On the one hand, bricks-and-mortar retailers can extend their sales areas to include the surroundings of the app users, and on the other, income via advertising revenues or a share of proceeds would be possible for the owner of the app.



What do we want to achieve?



The idea is to develop an app with which objects in the user’s surroundings can be easily and above all intelligently recognised via the smartphone camera. To achieve this the object must be held in front of the camera and once the article has been recognised the app will show which product it is and where it can be bought in the stationary retail:


  • Users can download the app from the app store and install it on their smartphone, tablet etc. (free of charge).
  • If the user notices an interesting article in his/her immediate surroundings (in the street, on public squares, in everyday life, etc.), he or she can photograph the product (also from a distance) via the smartphone camera. The app scans the photo and automatically detects a list of possible stationary retailers within a defined radius (localisable by GPS). In addition, the app provides information about availability or in case of advice-intensive articles (washing machine, Blue Ray Player, etc.), it shows possibilities where the product can be tested in the store. The app user can even configure the product according to his/her wishes after the object recognition and can then return to possible stationary purchase options.
    Example for purchasing a car: On the smartphone, a user of the app can scan a car which just passed by and configure it as desired. At the end, the app shows a list of stationary traders who can offer cars matching most of the desired features.
  • The user can then select the optimal store, reserve the product directly online via his or her smartphone, buy it directly in the store or fix a consulting appointment.
  • In order to develop a connection to the stationary trade, a database has to be developed behind the app, which allows a link to the respective merchandising system of the participating retailer.
  • Income is generated via the sale of the technology to partners as well as through commissions (if the user purchases an article via the app, Umdasch Shopfitting will receive a commission).



What should you consider when applying?



  • Technical implementation with app stores
  • Concept should be precisely tailored to suit Umdasch Shopfitting (Corporate Identity, etc.)
  • The following topics can also be incorporated: How can the app be linked into existing communication channels of Umdasch Shopfitting (website, social media, newsletter, etc.)?
  • In the case of a nomination:
    - Attractive/ visual material should be shown in the presentation
    - Precise statement of costs and timetable should be drawn up



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