MEDIAROOM: Global Congress 2023

The WSA Global Congress 2023 was held in Puebla, Mexico from May 31 to June 3. At the congress, the 2022 WSA winners demonstrate global best practices of digital impact solutions.









  • FUTURISE CLIMATE through green mobility and sustainable energy. From fossil fuels to transportation emissions, it is time to stop the detrimental effects of outdated energy sources and inefficient mobility systems. As we come together to tackle climate change head-on let us look at how transformation to clean energy alternatives and innovative transportation solutions can pave the way for a more environmentally friendly future.
  • FUTURISE DEMOCRACY through the Internet for trust. In the age of digital transformation, centralized and privately owned algorithms, digital tech monopolies, social media, and AI, preserving the values of democracies through quality journalism and fair frameworks for emerging technology will continue to rise in prominence. Let's strengthen citizen participation and policies for the internet that everybody can trust.
  • FUTURISE DIGITAL GAPS by empowering inclusive connectivity. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, disparities persist, leaving communities and generations disconnected. From limited access in remote areas to information gaps driven by digital literacy, socioeconomic status, or language barriers, the digital divides continue to widen. The time to act is now. Together, let's dismantle the digital divides that fragment societies and forge a connected world where every individual can thrive in the digital age.