WSA Youth Forum @ UNESCO Internet4Trust

A global dialogue to guide regulation worldwide / UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, February 21-23


"Internet4Trust: Regulating Digital Platforms for Information as a Public good" is a UNESCO-conference to improve the reliability of information and protect freedom of expression and human rights. WSA contributes actively to the Internet4Trust forum, continuing its commitment on the WSIS process and Tunis action plan.


WSA Chairperson joined by WSA Youth delegates at UNESCO Internet4Trust Forum in Paris


UNESCO’s Internet4Trust event is a multi-stakeholder conference, discussing the future of the internet and information as public good.

But how does GenZ reflect on these questions and challenges? WSA Chairperson Prof. Bruck will be joined by Charlotte Ernst and Arsham Edalatkhah as WSA Youth delegates in Paris.


On February 23, 12:30 to 1pm, they will participate in:
Youth talk: The role of youth in the development of multistakeholder regulatory policies

  • Henri Verdier, Ambassador for Digital Affairs, France
  • Charlotte Ernst, Austria
  • Arsham Edalatkhah, Iran
  • V Spehar, underthedesknews host, USA
  • Moderated by Guilherme Canela, Chief of Section Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalist, UNESCO

Special Tip:
Maria Ressa, CEO of WSA Winner 2015 Rappler and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, will open the conference on February 22, 9,15 am.

Watch the Youth talk UNESCO Panel 



You want our data and our votes?
Big Tech and Governments, you need to listen to us for Internet & Trust.


February 24 | 11:00-12:30 CET - Zoom


Young people use the internet, digital tools, and platforms for all areas of life. How do they reflect on Internet4Trust? What do they think about digital divides, hate speech, filter bubbles, democracy, and participation? Do they care about data, privacy issues, and data monopoly?


From the perspective of the WSA, the global evaluation, awarding, and promotion of digital solutions at the UNESCO level is helpful in understanding how to perceive problems as solutions, especially in the area of information as a public good.


On February 24, the WSA Youth delegates will share their impressions of the UNESCO conference in a Zoom event, organized by WSA in partnership with UNESCO. Sided by high level UNESCO representatives, young people from the global WSA community will reveal their thoughts, insights and reflections on the topic in general and on the Internet4Trust conference specifically.


Media Release (in German)

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Guilherme Canela

Chief of Section Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalist



Arsham Edalatkhah




Charlotte Ernst

SEO Manager


Kingsley Iweka



Peter A. Bruck

WSA Chairperson

World Summit Awards


Gloria Mangi

Founder and President

African Queens Project


Dorothy Gordon