ArtificalXHuman: Boosting Innovation with Ethics – EYIF 2024

Are you ready to boldly discuss societal challenges with your European peers?

Do you want to build long-lasting professional friendships and join a purpose driven community?

Dive into an inclusive, purpose-driven, and truly European learning journey with the WSA community in Graz. Connect with Styrian organizations and peers from across Europe, and be part of the discussion. The European Young Innovators Festival is taking place since more than 10 years in Graz, Austria, offering a platform for exchange, mutual learning and European cooperation. Explore the frontiers of Ethical AI, European cooperation, impact entrepreneurship, and social tech by women. Learn about digital impact innovations, that really make a difference and innovative responsibly - for society and our planet.

Save the date: Nov 27-29, 2024 Graz, Austria

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Join the festival to:

  • Be Inspired by the Innovation Pitches from 15 European Young Innovators and Local Impact Heroes.
  • Gain Skills in engaging workshops designed to equip you with new, practical skills around impact entrepreneurship.
  • Connect with your peers from Graz, Styria and Europe.
  • Engage in multi-stakeholder discussions on Ethical AI, Impact Entrepreneurship & Social Tech by Women.
  • Act on the world's most pressing issues and discover how digital innovation can drive change.
  • Collaborate with international students from across Europe.
  • Celebrate the European Young Innovators at the award ceremony & afterparty!


  • Ethical AI by Young Innovators
    AI offers immense potential across all fields, potentially rivaling the impact of electricity. But what about the ethics? Who controls it? Join us to explore solutions from young entrepreneurs and hear insights from international experts on integrating AI to improve society and the environment.
  • Social Tech by Women
    In social tech, women are catalysts for transformative change. They identify challenges, confront pain points, and take decisive action, using technology to deliver meaningful solutions. But are ventures founded by women inherently more sustainable and ethical? What implications does this hold for the future of startups and society? Meet young women who have launched social tech ventures and learn about their entrepreneurial journey.
  • European Cooperation through the WSA community
    Europe confronts urgent challenges such as the rise of populist and Eurosceptic parties, inflation, and the conflict in Ukraine. Connect with peers from across Europe, exchange ideas, and build lasting professional friendships to shape a united and resilient Europe together!



Nov 27 - Connect4Impact

Munsel, Burg Graz

  • International Arrivals to Graz
  • Connect4Impact & Networking Sessions
  • Get to know the Styrian Innovation Ecosystems

Nov 28 - Artificial X Human

Helmut List Halle, Cityhall

  • Keynotes & Interactive Discussion Formats
  • Innovation Pitches by Young Entrepreneurs Mentoring

Nov 29 - Skills & Knowledge

UniCorn, Know Center, Lendhafen, Dom im Berg

  • Roundtables
  • Skills Workshops
  • UniVation - Student Poster Presentation
  • Award Ceremony & After Party

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