The online WSA Global Congress 2021 under the motto "Connect for Impact", brought together all the regions of the world, focusing on their local needs, and their specific areas of development.  The ‘Hack the Gap’ discussions on gender, the education and the healthcare gaps showcased the importance of connectivity in times of global pandemic. The WSA community exchanged ideas and knowledge regarding the world's most pressing issues, discussing solutions and bringing together entrepreneurs coming from all over the world.

Out of 342 nominees worldwide, 9 social tech startups were awarded as WSA Global Champions. Their solutions not only drive the achievement of the UN SDGs, but also the local impact from rural connectivity.

63 jurors selected the 9 WSA Global Champions, a worldwide spectrum from Belarus to Australia, from South Africa to Canada..



EASY LAWS from Lebanon, a free mobile app and website that explains laws in everyday language, giving people access to legislation from a citizen’s rather than a legalistic perspective, enabling real citizen participation.



The Chinese Corona AI is designed for real-time medical screening during the Corona pandemic, to monitor patients without having to interact with them, protecting medical personal and patients alike.



Magrid from Luxembourg is a language-independent pedagogical program in Luxembourg for the development of children’s early visual-spatial and mathematical abilities, removing language barriers for children!



Beewise from Israel is an AI-based robotic beehive that monitors bees 24/7 using computer vision, precision robotics and AI, Beewise identifies and meets the needs of bees in real time, while reversing the trend to bee colony collapse.



Wheel the World from Chile is an accessibility travel platform from Chile for people with special needs, providing more than 500 million potential travellers with disabilities, using automated emails and system integration with all the information required to satisfy traveller needs.



M4Jam from South Africa links jobbers with organisations needing micro-tasks completed, enabling people most in need and connecting start-ups, SMEs or big business, NGOs and governments, to connect directly with rural and peri-urban communities.



Übank from Chile is a digital savings that promotes habits of incremental saving to improve financial resilience regardless of economic status, giving over 200 million people in Latin America access to a new culture of saving.



WelcoMe from the UK is a low-cost web-based service enabling any person with a disability to forewarn participating businesses of their visit and special needs, ensuring awareness and ease of customer experience.



ConnectHear from Pakistan is a VRS application with interpretation services for the deaf in Pakistan, working with local governments to standardize the profession with private certification programs, giving the deaf a voice by normalizing sign language literacy.