Announcing WSA’s Winners of 2023

Every year WSA celebrates a breadth of projects that are helping achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Every year our network of National Experts in 182 countries nominate solutions from their local communities. These solutions undergo a filtering process.

This year, the Online Jury created a shortlist of 136 projects showcasing exceptional ingenuity in shaping a better future in alignment with the UN SDGs. After the Online Jury, the Grand Jury in Hyderabad was the next stage in the process, where the shortlist was narrowed down to our final WSA winners of 2023.

WSA is proud to welcome these new projects to our network of WSA winners.


WSA Winners of 2023


Business & Commerce | Culture & Heritage | Environment & Green Energy | Government & Citizen Engagement | Health & Well-Being | Inclusion & Empowerment | Learning & Education | Smart Settlements & Urbanization


Business & Commerce

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Wakilni | Lebanon

Wakilni is an e-commerce fulfilment partner for small to medium e-commerce businesses, providing a wide spectrum of personalized and customized services to support and empower business owners

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Tappoyo Fintech | Peru

Tappoyo is a physical-digital platform that connects female entrepreneurs in need of a loan with individuals who have surplus capital and wish to make a secure and profitable social impact with their money

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Ethiack | Portugal

Ethiack is a B2B SaaS autonomous cybersecurity platform powered by Ethical Hackers and AI that helps digital businesses prevent cybercrime

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Fefifo | Malaysia

Fefifo offers a Seed-to-Sale full value chain solution to small farmers to grow well consistently for a ready offtake

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TradeTrust | Singapore

TradeTrust was designed to address the challenges of paper-based international trade, reduces costs of documentation and risks of fraud

Culture & Heritage

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Rongring Self-Learning platform | India

Rongring Self-Learning platform addresses the multifaceted challenges associated with preserving endangered languages, particularly focusing on Lepcha

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Vacayit | Australia

Vacayit effectively addresses the societal issue of limited accessibility in tourism by collaborating with tourism operators, destinations and hotels

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Readmio | Slovakia

Readmio is a digital publisher of children's literature enhanced by a captivating audio experience

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Fenek AI | Qatar

Fenek AI transforms the way in which we protect and promote cultural heritage, in this case through Arabic language technologies

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Literary Highways | Portugal

Clube de Autores' Literary Highways allows every author to publish their books for free, in print and in digital

Environment & Green Energy

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Green Metrics Tool | Germany

The Green Metrics Tool plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability in energy consumption by measuring the energy usage of digital processes

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Rescue the planet | Guatemala

Rescue The Planet produces high-quality content tailored for diverse audiences to reach the 'unconverted' regarding plastic pollution, tapping into their emotions and inspiring change

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Safa Nepal | Nepal

Safa Nepal tackles Nepal's pressing waste management challenges by addressing the inefficient, decentralized waste management practices exacerbated by rapid urbanization

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RuleWatcher | Japan

Using AI, RuleWatcher continuously retrieves/crawls articles related to the environmental and social issues it targets from over 1,300 information sources selected manually

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SOLmobility | Bangladesh

SOLmobility, is swapping out toxic lead-acid batteries for smart lithium-ion ones

Government & Citizen Engagement

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Digital Iceland | Iceland

Digital Iceland is a platform and an ecosystem where citizens can access all public services in one place

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OpenUp | South Africa

OpenUp seeks to empower people and government, through data, technology and innovative thinking, to become active agents in creating positive social change

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Digital Passport | New Zealand

Digital Passport was created as an online learning experience for the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) clients to help them gain meaningful work through development of digital and personal skills

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Totoy | Austria

Totoy is a mobile app that offers a one-click solution to translate, summarize, and explain complex documents in seconds

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T3 | Morocco

T3 is helping users to verify the authenticity of diplomas through certificates issued on blockchain that are instantly verifiable

Health & Wellbeing

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PenCS | Australia

PenCS's innovative Risk of Hospitalisation module shifts healthcare focus from reactive to proactive care, aiming to address Australia's healthcare crisis

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Mediwave | Sri Lanka

Mediwave's end-to-end digital Emergency Response suite powers Sri Lanka's sole toll-free emergency ambulance service

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Sehhaty | Saudi Arabia

Sehhaty is a platform/application that enables individuals to obtain their health information and receive medical e-services provided by different health organizations in Saudi Arabia

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Powerful Medical | Slovakia

Powerful Medical is an AI-powered ECG interpretation platform that empowers 25 000 healthcare professionals to diagnose 38 cardiovascular diagnoses from a standard 12-lead resting ECG with the precision of a cardiologist

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Checkpoint Cardio | Bulgaria

CheckPointCardio remote monitoring medical solution measures huge quantity of vital signs in real time and transmits them wirelessly to medical professionals

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Go Teacher | Chile

DaleProfe bridges the gap between educators and donors

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Elsa | Peru

Operator of a comprehensive platform intended for businesses to prevent of workplace sexual harassment

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Ehsan | Saudi Arabia

The Ehsan platform has been developed by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) as part of its efforts to support charitable giving in Saudi Arabia

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Safe YOU | Armenia

Safe YOU is a multi-stakeholder mobile application and platform that is designed to empower and protect women and girls from violence

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Law on your Palm | Tanzania

Sheria Kiganjani is a legal digital platform that enables low- and middle-income earners to access various legal services remotely by using their mobile phones and computers

Learning & Education

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Mission Amygdala | Poland

Mission Amygdala, is a non-prescription video game platform designed by physicians to improve mental health outcomes for children ages 8-12 years

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Ambani Africa | South Africa

Ambani Africa is a language app including augmented reality features and interactive games that teaches young children African languages

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ELLDI | Australia

The Early Language and Literacy Developmental Index (ELLDI) is a tool addressing early learning gaps, especially among vulnerable groups during crucial pre-school years

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Hunu | Ghana

Hunu assists African educators and therapists in providing cost-efficient, tech-integrated, evidence-backed behaviour therapy and special education for children under 15 with challenges like autism and ADHD

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Alfi | Chile

Alfi’s Serious Game is a financial education platform and app through which young people and children are encouraged to make financial decisions to learn about the financial world from zero

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ERTH | Malaysia

ERTH offers free e-Waste pickups, rewards for devices, and grades items as Reusable, Repairable, or Recyclable based on potential use or disposition.

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Mosquito Alert | Spain

Mosquito Alert offers an innovative, scalable, flexible, interoperable, participatory and real time solution to the research, surveillance and control of disease vector mosquitoes

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WEO | Luxemburg

WEO delivers high-quality, affordable satellite data to fuel the smart green cities of tomorrow

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The Inclusive City | Kazakhstan

Addressing the needs of the visually, hearing and speaking Impaired, musculoskeletal condition community: the Inclusive City Project actively caters to the needs of individuals with visual impairments, deafness, and speech disabilities

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The Kõu Mobility Group | Estonia

Provides IoT solutions for bicycle and other LEV manufacturers so their products could be theft-proof and provide relevant data for both manufacturers but also for their end-consumers

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Acknowledging excellence beyond the Winners

This list is the final list of WSA winners for 2023. However, it is not the final list of innovative projects that were submitted. The WSA nominees exhibited astounding ingenuity and creativity in crafting digital solutions to help achieve the UN SDGs. We encourage anyone wanting to explore more innovative projects to check out our shortlist. Additionally, if you didn't manage to win this year, there is always 2024!

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